Month: October 2009

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Rodney is home from Congo. The worship was lively and the Christians are on fire for the Lord. The Congo has been known for its destitute & poverty striken people. The people who have money there are few but very wealthy. The rest of the […]

Time with my sister Letha

It has been great to have my sister here with us these last three months. We had a fun filled girls week while Rodney was away ministering in the Congo.

Crèches left stranded – Zululand Observer

Here is the link to the story I have been telling you about the children in Monzi that we have been taking food and clothes to : Crèches left stranded – Zululand Observer The community where these children live is about an hour and a half North of our house.
Thank you to all who have given but know that the need is still very much real and we will continue to take supplies as we receive them.

I Survived Umphalosi

How close have you been to an elephant, a hyena or a pride of lions? Is there such a thing as too close? I can tell you this I have been too close. Waking up in the bush camp with a hyena pushing his head […]

Men's Retreat to Umfolozi

I dropped Rodney off at Life 316 Church this morning for a fun filled weekend at the bush camp in Umfolozi. He told me all about the big plans for spiritual break through and was all set to pray for freedom and blessings for his […]