In all we do, it is our goal to follow the direction

of the Holy Spirit as patterned by our King,

the Lord Jesus Christ.

International Restoration Commission Ministries, IRC Ministries, is the mission organization and ministry of Rodney and Trina Kirkpatrick. Rodney and Trina were trained and ordained through Foundation Ministries, the ministry of Robert Terrell and John Moreland. Having served the Lord in pastoral ministry and short term missions since 1996, they formed IRC in 2005 to bettersupport other churches, ministries and organizations on a full time basis. In 2007, they relocated from the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area in the USA to Durban, South Africa where they are presently based. Through the diversity of their ministry experience, the Lord has given Rodney and Trina a ministry of counsel to other leaders in the Body of Christ. They assist leaders in areas that range from Counsel and Restoration for marital difficulties in a leader’s personal life to strategic planning for the direction of churches, ministries or organizations. Rodney and Trina are also committed to a ministry of training both leadership and the Body of Christ as a whole through corporate teaching. They preach and conduct seminars on a variety of subjects according to The Holy Spirit’s leading and the communicated need,of the particular congregation or ministry they are serving.