IRC Ministries is the missionary ministry of Rodney and Trina Kirkpatrick and has a 501 (c) 3 designation by the IRS of the US Government. Rodney and Trina’s livelihood is generated by the financial gifts and tithes of individuals and the fellowships they serve. All contributions are tax deductible and can be made online as well as with checks and bank deposits.



Use the following information for sending checks payable to “IRC Ministries”:
IRC Ministries
PO Box 614
Buna, TX 77612

You may also give via bank transfer. See information provided below.
RC Kirkpatrick
Branch code: 462005
Savings Account
Account Number: 885 908 002


IRC Ministries is covered under the group exemption of

Foundation Ministries who can be contacted by mail at the
following address:
Foundation Ministries
PO Box 291130
TX 78029


Trina and Rodney believe in accountability through direct

personal relationship and answer directly to Cleve & Cindy Sharp

and Ron & Cynthia Wilken.

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