IRC Ministries is an extension of our lives, Rodney and Trina Kirkpatrick, and those that God has so graciously given us to love and walk with. Restoration has been our experience and we are sure that Christ grants this for everyone who lets Him in! Our passion is to participate in His redemptive process for both individuals and communities as a whole, wherever He directs us to go.
Rodney and Trina Kirkpatrick

In all we do,
it is our goal to follow
the direction of the Holy Spirit
as patterned by our King,
the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Story

The Very Beginning

We first met and became friends at Bethesda Community Church in Fort Worth, TX in 1993. Our introduction was a good marker for when we started to understand how important relationships were in every aspect of life. From the pastor’s family, (Des, Mary, Stephan & Anthony Evans), to friends for life like Tamera Jennings & Todd Lively, we were inundated with people that had a daily, spiritual impact on us.

One of my (Rodney) closest friends at the time introduced me to John Moreland and later Bob Terrell of Foundation Ministries. This proved to be a pivotal connection and through their formal training and discipleship both Trina and I were legally ordained.

Church and Marriage

The first job pastoring started in 1995 alongside James Jeter in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. Bridges of Hope started in a living room and grew to substantial meetings in Dallas, South Lake & Fort Worth. From 1995 until 2005 we handled a bit of everything, from finances to most forms of ministry associated with church life.

By the time we were married in 2000, short term mission trips to foreign countries were a regular part of how God was using us. In 2001 Trina left her job to join me in full time ministry.

A Call to The Mission Field

In 2005, we stepped down from all local pastoring and started International Restoration Commission, IRC, Ministries. Our base of operations relocated in 2007 to Durban, South Africa.

While we still preach in many contexts, the real work is helping leaders and their families reach their potential and avoid the many pitfalls that naturally accompany a position of responsibility.
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