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Hello my name in Zac, I live at Hearts that Hope. My name means “the Lord Remembers” I was found living in a township with my step mom, she didn’t call me by name only “boy” and she didn’t feed me or look after me. When Hearts that Hope found me my life was sitting around hoping to be fed only to get sugar water to drink and sand and dirt to eat. I moved into my new home on the 19th of May 2012. Even when I was living with my step mom in the township “THE LORD REMEMBERED” me. Now I love it at Hearts that Hope!!! Zachariah


Bridget and I had the pleasure of looking after little Zacky on Saturday while his new mom and dad went to a wedding. We had so much fun loving on this sweet little guy. His story is not unlike many of the children here in Africa. The difference is that Zac’s story has a happy ending.

“Speak up for those who can not speak for themselves.”

Proverbs 31:8

A baby was recently found in Kempton Park, near Johannesburg in a roadside drain. She was found by a security guard who was walking to work. The guard heard a noise coming from the drain but was not sure what it was. The security guard went back home to call her husband to ask him to help open the drain. While opening the cover, some police happened to drive past and stopped to see what was happening. That’s when they found the baby, with a bag around her head and another one around her body. It is estimated that she was under 24hrs old and she was still alive! After a brief stay in hospital she has been relocated to a place of safety.

This kind of thing does not have to happen. There are other solutions. In the Durban area there are several baby safes. A baby safe provides an opportunity for a mother to leave a baby anonymously, while being assured that proper care will be given to the baby. Staff are notified by voice call when a baby is left in the safe. The baby safe is a pre-assembled box that can be easily installed in any door or wall. The safe has a variety of features that makes it truly a safe, low maintenance, yet a life saving option for women and young girls in desperate circumstances.

We are convinced more than ever that God has astonishing plans to rescue defenseless babies from plastic bags, rubbish bins, dumpsters, the side of the road, and abandoned fields in South Africa and throughout Africa. Through partnering with organizations like Hearts that Hope and The Baby Safe we can make a difference one life at a time.

Blessings, Rodney and Trina

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