Developing Congolese Leaders

Rural Ministry

The work we did in April and May was a good picture of just how diverse Trina and I’s ministry is among Church Leaders in South Africa. We had the great privilege to welcome Chris and Angela Hough to South Africa for ten days in April. They were part of our first Church in Texas more than twenty years ago and have remained friends of ours ever since. They are accomplished entrepreneurs who have supported and participated in missions for many years. Angela and Trina led a one day seminar for Zulu women in the rural mountain community that we serve.

Most of the ladies at the conference are self employed in some capacity and Angela was able to encourage them about many of the ways they could represent Christ in the marketplace settings that they encounter each day. The Lord also used Angela and Trina to minister to hurt and disappointment in many of the women. As they prayed for one lady after another I was reminded of Psalm 147:3 (NASB) which says, “He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds.” Chris and Angela also have a very stirring testimony about overcoming pornography addiction. From the Indian and Congolese Communities in Durban to the Afrikaans Farmers and rural Zulus their message of redemption stirred everyone who heard it.

Their time with people was so effective that it was very clear to us that they need to return and share their experiences more thoroughly to a wider audience. After bidding farewell to our friends from Texas, Trina and I next went to Clarens in The Free State of South Africa to be with Nanette and Tielman Malherbe. The local community is comprised of the Sotho-Tswana tribe rather than the Zulu speaking people that we work with in KwaZulu-natal. They are a very mild mannered group who has a long cultural tie to witchcraft and is very suspicious of outside influence.

Clarens also has a strong artistic flavor that make it a very popular tourist destination among affluent people. Our work there started more than a year ago with some door to door evangelism that saw a handful of people giving their hearts to the Lord. We got to witness several new Christians being baptized as a public display of their newfound faith and we can’t wait to return to this small but growing work during the month of July. May finished up with us preaching the Pentecost Services at St. Agnes in the town of Kloof near Durban.

We have a long standing relationship with the pastor’s, Pete and Clare Houston, and the time was great in terms of worship and prayer ministry. The time with this amazing couple continues to highlight a primary characteristic in each section of this newsletter: relationships with the people we work with are crucial to any lasting success in ministry. Jesus invested a significant amount of personal time into the leaders He developed and we pray that this practice is always an important part of our ministry!

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