Groutville Orphans


 We had the opportunity this month to spend an afternoon with a group of 145 orphans at a Groutville primary school.
Each of these children are aids orphans who either head a household or live with various families in the community. It was such a pleasure to take part in blessing these children.
The Grouville Fire Department turned up to demonstrate their skills to these young orphans. Not only will these kids know what to do when disaster strikes, but they will be able to dream dreams of becoming firemen and women when they grow up.

The water spray was great fun on the hot KZN day.

Hannah giving treats to the kids.
Some extra special treats for each child were provided compliments Cadbury’s and Woolworth’s.
Louise passing out apples.

  This is a government school which provides meals each day but many of these children are not able to pay school fees so they are not allowed to take part in the meals. The Courier, a local news paper was on hand to take pictures and do a little write up on the event.  Hopefully this will raise the public’s awareness to these little children’s plight.

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