Pastor John Mkhulise’s Wedding


January 5, 2009

Between Christmas and the new year we had the privilege of sharing at the wedding of brother John Mkhulise. He is a leader to other Zulu pastors in the Drakensburg area and it has been a real joy to work along side him encouraging the leaders.

Upon arriving at the ceremony, we had an experience typical to our time in Africa. When John called he had asked if we would attend and share a “brief few words” as part of the time. In response to the request I had prepared some notes that I hoped would be encouraging to the newly wedded couple. Very soon we found that we were to give a full sermon to a very large crowd that expected nothing less! Needless to say the Lord didn’t disappoint and the time was a real blessing to those who attended.

We also spent much of December praying about 2010. Several of the impressions we had during this time were:

1) Travel to areas outside of Africa, including South America and Asia.

2) Returning to the USA in March

3) Setting our schedule for ministry in Africa much more in advance

Please pray with us concerning these matters.

Blessings in Christ,

Rodney, Trina, Bridget

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