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Trina and I first met Steven and Primy Frank just over ten years ago when we were both visiting America. It didn’t take long before the Lord formed a bond and we have had a functioning relationship ever since. Steven started serving the Lord in Ministry almost FIFTY years ago and has served as a prominent pastor for much of that time in KZN. While we certainly accepted their invitation to speak in order to be an encouragement to their work, their lives and testimonies stir Trina and I as well. I want to say one day that I have served the Lord for 50 years in ministry and stayed faithful to God’s call in the same way that they have!

Steven and Primy are child hood converts from Hinduism and have seen many people who come from this backgrounds give their hearts to Christ. The Lord has put a strong burden on our hearts for the nearly two million Indian South Africans that live in our provence. It is presently estimated that about one million of these precious people are still lost in Hinduism. The Franks are passionate about soul winning and we discussed at length their present one on one strategy for sharing the Gospel with others in the town of Estcourt. We first began working with Indian people in South Africa in 2004 and continue to search for key relationships like the Franks to encourage many more concerning Christ! 

We were interviewed during the start of the morning service about our experiences and perspective on missionary work in Africa. It was great fun to hear Trina share about how wrestled with The Lord about some of her initial emotions after moving to Durban. “If you can’t be at home where I have called you, you will never be at home anywhere,” was the Lord’s answer to her prayer. From that moment until today she has sought the Lord and found His Peace so far away from family and the familiar comfort of the first world!

Our time in Escourt ended with a message from Amos 7 & Proverbs 3 entitled Trust and The Plumb Line. There is a lesson to be learned today from this story how an illegitimate king, Jeroboam, divides and controls a nation through a subtle introduction of idolatry. Any time our reliance is diverted from Jesus, especially when that trust is in ourselves, we are vulnerable to the enemy’s manipulation!

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Please pray for our preparation to visit the USA & UK for much of September through November. We have many financial needs to meet (computer equipment, Zimbabwe mission costs, etc.) and many people to see during this important time!

Blessings in Christ!


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