September 26, 2009


We’ve just finished a great trip to many different areas of South Africa. What can we say other than it is an indescribable honor to be serving the Lord in the way He is leading us.
While ministering near Cape Town the Lord spoke to us “to prepare our hearts for an expansion of our team.” While it was initially surprising, we do have need of help in many areas of ministry. Please pray with us for the Lord’s wisdom for what this means for us and the work we are doing.

During the three weeks of this trip, we worked with many Churches and Ministries in the Western Cape area of South Africa. Here is a small list: First Love Church (Wellington, SA), Christian Community Center(Mbeqweni, SA)Light House Community Church (Paarl, SA), YWAM Muisenburg (Cape Town, SA). Our sister, Letha, got to spend week with her son who is a leader at the YWAM Muisenburg base. They are a dynamic group of youth who are sold out to the purposes of God.
Pictured to the left are Pastors Mqokeleli & Nosipho Mntanga from the Mbekweni Township who are working to bring together many different groups of Christians to effect change in their community and the surrounding areas.
On the drive home Bridget got to make some new friends at the Cheetah Sanctuary in Bloemfontein, SA.
We can’t do justice to all of the great things the Lord did on this trip as many relationships were restored and made stronger. We are preparing for much more to be done in this part of South Africa.

Blessings in Christ,

Rodney, Trina, Bridget
IRC Ministries
South Africa

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