A Busy October

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Trina and I have spent much of September settling into the new house and planning our upcoming schedule.  We are so very happy with the new place, but it is A LOT of work getting things in order in a new home and the process continues.  Pray for our search for patio furniture, several office pieces and the right plan on the lawn.  The house is a great blessing and we want to utilize it to its full potential!

We have a developing relationship with a local elder whose primary ministry is to the Zulu community in our area. Pastor Serge Lau and his wife, to the right and left of Trina in the picture, came to South Africa from the DRC nearly 20 years ago and they currently pastor a Church in Stanger, a town just inland from Ballito. They have an evangelistic heart toward the impoverished Indian and Zulu communities in their town and have begun several outreaches:

1) The feed the elderly that cannot leave their homes to work or obtain food.

2) They train seamstresses to a basic competence level and hope to employ/train 20 people at a time through a storefront operation in Stanger.

They also conduct regular tent Crusade meetings that focus on introducing Christ to non Christian Zulus.  We have been asked by this couple to pray with them for direction and to minister in their outreaches to the Zulus.  Please pray for us in October as we will be preaching with them for the first time in this way.

The last half of October will be spent with a bunch of groups in the greater Capetown area. Trina and I will be meeting with many different people groups on this trip and I would ask that you pray that we stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit while we are away.


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