Moving Time


We are all moved in!


There is always a mixture of dread and excitement when moving. The dread comes with leaving memories of a place you have grown to love, the hassle of packing boxes, possessions getting broken and scratched, switching the utilities and then unpacking it all over again. The excitement is in a new place, new spaces for decorating ideas, nice neighbors, friends helping, the car being shielded from the endless supply of monkey and bat poop, not having the power go out every time we switch on the kettle, and the list goes on. All in all the excitement far outweighs the dread!


The new house is only a few kilometers from the old house and looks quite similar with some nice upgrades. We are a little closer to the ocean, have an extra bedroom and bathroom, a carport and electric gate to name a few!


Our biggest blessing has been our African family who helped the move go much more smoothly than anyone could dream. Rob built a fence to keep Reuben in. Tracey, Levi, Pauley and Paul helped Rodney load up everything and carry it all to the new house. Liezel, Tracey and Ruth helped me unpack and put everything away. Moira, Kelly, Liezel and Sarah brought delicious food to sustain us in the process. Liezel and Sarah made curtains……………Wow what a family!


Reuben, the dog, and Turtle, the hamster, are getting aquatinted with their new surroundings. Reuben has already introduced himself to all the neighbors…..none of them get too close to the fence now.


We are all settled and in less than a week……….but where is the…………oh well guess we will have to go shopping for a few things…


Love to all,



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