To the USA and back again


Trina and I have adjusted back to life in South Africa after a two month trip back to the United States.  We started the journey with a short stop in London, England to visit the Church group we are working with and to see a West End production for our wedding anniversary.  The brief time was fantastic as our Christian family there was doing very well and the play, Les Miserables, far exceeded our expectations.

On the night we landed, we fell asleep to the sound of tornado warning sirens! Unfortunately for many in the Hood County area of Texas, the storms that came were among the worst ever recorded.  Thankfully none of our family homes were affected, but many sustained great damage to their respective properties. I am told that as of this date, nearly three months after the storms, cleaning up the debris is still in progress.

After a few days with our family, we began interacting with many Churches and leaders in Texas and California.  The time was very fruitful, consisting of a combination of our reporting on missions and ministering to the spiritual needs of the respective fellowships.  The Church in the USA is in a difficult place with many Christians struggling with an uncertain economy and the current political situation. We hope to give some perspective on these issues with an article in the near future.

Upon our return to South Africa we have already hosted a visiting pastor, begun working with our outreach to refugees and done our best to serve the Lord’s interest in our local community. We are presently outlining a strategy to raise the remaining funds necessary to purchase a new ministry vehicle in South Africa.  Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom in this critical area of need.

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