Hearing God Workshop


We did a work shop on hearing God this past weekend at All Souls Umhlali. During the morning we touched on these topics in scripture:

Come to God daily – John 10:9-10,
Do not doubt what He says –
Genesis 3:1,
The Word of God – John 6:63 and Matthew 4:3-4,
If you are a child of God you can hear His voice – John 10:27
Forgive – Psalm 73:21-22
Watch out for personal agenda – Matthew 11:15-19
Ministries specifically given to facilitate hearing God’s voice – Ephesians 4:10-12
Respond to what God tells you – Matthew 10:40-41
The Holy Spirit and hearing God’s voice – John 16:31 and Acts 8:14-17
Because everyone is called, every one can and must hear God’s voice 1 Peter 410-11

We had a great time with the saints in the community!

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