July 11, 2011


July 11, 2011
We have just come back from twenty days in several Brazilian cities.  Our primary focus in this nation is to encourage pastors that are already working on behalf of Christ.  During this time we saw many new pastors encouraged in the work they are doing.The “spirit of unity” referred to in Ephesians 4:3 was the regular theme as we spake with leaders from many different denominations in Brazil.
Pastor Eloi Lopes of Templo Deus Provedor in Joinville, Brazil

Over the eleven years that we have worked in this country, the number of evangelic Christians has nearly doubled! The question now facing the leadership is how to deal with the success. Many of the men and women serving the Lord are seeing that we must “love one another” in order to properly display we are as servants of Christ (see John 13:34-35). It is our hope to further solidify these relationships on our next visit to Brazil in March of 2012. Please pray for our covenant partner , Pastor Ari Cavalcanti, as he visits Africa for the first time July 14. We will be in many venues throughout South Africa and Zimbabwe over the weeks that he is here.

Pastors Ari Cavalcanti and Everaldo Borges in Curitiba, BR

Blessings in Christ…………Rodney, Trina and Bridget  

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