Some of the rocks of Zimbabwe


In the month of July we had our good friend Pastor Jose Arimathea Cavalcanti from Brazil with us in Africa.  Rodney and Ari spent a weekend in Germiston, SA teaching and week in Zimbabwe teaching at the annual CUTFIC leadership gathering. There were leaders from all over Africa (and one from Brazil) in attendance. We also had a fun filled weekend in the Drakensberg Mountains with Pastor Mkolesi and some of the resident wild animals.

God stacked these rocks!
Some of the leaders.
Pastor John Mabunda and his family from Germiston, South Africa
More Zim rocks
“Have you seen a tasty aloe tree?”

“You might be good for desert!”

“Why are the stripes intruding on our spotted picture?”

“Do I look happy to see you?”

Mkulise Family Church

Snow on the Drakensberg Mountains means it is cold at the Mkulise home.
Several people received bibles thanks to a donation of 30 Zulu Bibles this month.

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