August 29, 2011


August 29, 2011
We have recently returned from an annual leadership meeting in the Cape Town area of South Africa. Many of these leaders speak Xhosa and are part of the second largest tribal grouping in the nation. It has been very gratifying to see the relationships among many different Christian churches grow in recent years. 
Pastor Mqokeleli Mntanga of Harvester in Mbekweni Township, SA

Pastor Mntanga, or “Clock” as we know him, is a significant bridge among different fellowships in the Mbeqweni Township. This year our conference was hosted by four different fellowships rather than just one as in the past. It is great to report that this part of the Body of Christ is growing in their devotion to the person of Jesus.

The praise team at our recent leadership conference
This trip completed one of the busiest periods of
ministry we have ever had. We’ve been to
Capetown (twice), Brazil, Johannesburg, the
Drakensburg Mountains, and Zimbabwe all in the
course of the last three months. In each location
the pastors and leaders we relate with are making
Christ known throughout the communities they

Please pray for our plans to visit the USA
in November/December.

Blessings in Christ…………..Rodney,Trina,Bridget

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