Kwa Mama Care Center

Trina's Notes

Last week several ladies got together to help our friend, Liezel Essop, paint a local creche.The Kwa Mama Care Center is situated in Shaka’s Head. At Kwa Mama they collect crumbs and create purpose on a daily basis.  Child care is provided free of charge to any child who lives in Shaka’s Head. The center also provides opportunities for around 30 unemployed residents of this community. Each child gets feed two meals a day and have access to a library of knowledge for preschool and after school care.

This is the new look of Kwa Mama Care Center.
A few monkeys pitched up to paint. Bridget and I were two of them.
Before the painting started.
Liezel, the artist opening the the tools of creative expression.
Transformation has begun.
Lizzy’s talent is admired by some of the kids.
Bridget is a flower painting extraordinaire.
Just look at those beautiful eyes.
I am told “that is not a heart, that is LOVE”
Now a welcoming place for everyone.

 For more information about the Kwa Mama Care Center see

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