March 29, 2011 IRC Ministry News


March 29, 2011

A local spiritist cult who conducts their worship only outdoors
For several years now we have conducted a bible study/outreach in the eTete area near our home in South Africa. Our route to the site of the gathering has many noteable pictures that speak a lot about the nature of our ministry and the spiritual climate of much of South Africa. Spiritism is a major form of worship in most of Sub-saharan Africa. Groups that fall into this category seek guidance from the spirits of their own dead ancestors, animals and other forms of nature.
One of the most prominent buildings in ShakasKraal, the Mosque
More recently, Islam has become a significant presence. Much of this rise is due to their ability to provide financial opportunity for the poor in Africa. We have seen the love of Christ break these strongholds off of many through our meetings. We want you to pray for the Lord’s direction to expand the work that He already has us involved in.
The location in the community of eTete that we hold bible study
Blessings in Christ…………………….Rodney,Trina and Bridget

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