May 3, 2011



Our friends Bruce and Lil Dickson of Salt Rock, SA

One of the things that is difficult to explain to people who aren’t in a missions context is the blessing we get from true relationships. Bruce and Lil are some of God’s gifts to us in this area. To be able to spend time with friends like them takes a lot of the challenge out of being away from our natural family! The Dickson’s, along with several other families, supply us with second hand clothes and other items that we are able to give to those in need.

Some new additions from Congo to the Bible Study group in Etete

Here are two recent testimonies from a distribution of goods to some of the people we minister to in Etete: 1) A recent Congolese immigrant arrived with just enough money to buy a sewing machine. After attending our meeting the Lord touched her heart and she gave us a 20 rand ($2.5) offering (all she had). As we started going through the goods we had, there was a significant amount of unused fabric that we gave to her. We estimate that she’ll be able to make 100 times what she gave from her heart. 2) One of the single mother’s had a son that had been crying for shoes for more than a week. We had no idea, but the Lord obviously did because in her parcel of goods were three pairs of shoes that fit her young son!
It is very gratifying to simply serve people, but when you see the
Holy Spirit truly organizing things it is awesome! Please pray for
our trip to the Western Cape Provence this month and anything else
the Lord lays on your heart for us.

Blessings in Christ…………………………………….Rodney,Trina,Bridget

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