Starting the new by reviewing

Indian Churches

My first thought in retrospect concerning 2014 is: “Where did it go?” I know that it is common to feel like something has moved quickly when it is finished, but for Trina and I this year really did seem like a blur!


The first three months were spent in the USA renewing our visas and raising funds for our new car.  The next quarter was spent organizing the vehicle purchase, reorganizing our local outreach and traveling to see pastors and Churches largely in our home Provence of KwaZulu-Natal. Then we traveled outside of Africa and much within South Africa during the “conference” season that largely makes up the third quarter of our calendar year.  Finally we touched base with some of our key relationships by spending a good bit of interpersonal time with leaders we have worked with for a long time. Within all of this there were many times of preaching in Indian Churches, our own home congregation, and our personal outreach to African refugees!

At the end of 2014 I was as tired as I’ve ever been in ministry and the rest over the Christmas holidays was very welcomed. Trina and I are happy to be rested and are already working on many fronts to start 2015.

We are especially excited about the new doors opening in our outreach to the Indian Community in Durban.  We are now actively working in the oldest established Indian borough, Chatsworth. Long ago I was impressed that Indian Christians would be the most effective witnesses to the Zulu population in our area.  Please pray for the Lord to continue to grant opportunities to encourage these precious people as they continue to shine the light of Christ in our area.


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