Water in Zimbabwe


Psalm 114:7-8 (NASB)

7  Tremble, O earth, before the Lord, Before the God of Jacob,
8  Who turned the rock into a pool of water, The flint into a fountain of water.


Zimbabwe has become a “second home” to Trina and I in Africa as we have known and loved many faithful servants of God from this precious nation over the last twelve years. David Banza and Jonathan Chatendeuka work with us to coordinate an annual Southern Africa leadership conference that has become very fruitful.  In July we hosted more than 100 pastors from the nations of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. The theme of this year’s conference was “Preparing the Body of Christ for the last days.”  We combined corporate teaching times with individual fellowship and ministry throughout the week. We had to overcome a bit of sickness and some logistic challenges during the time, but they served only to strengthen our resolve to see every person who participated be encouraged in the Lord.  A personal highlight for me was Trina’s teaching, using the story of Lot, on how we must train our children about the consequences of friendship with the world.

When we got a break from our ministry to the pastors, we were busy with the commissioning of our first water well in Zimbabwe. The area we targeted for the well only receives water once per week that is only suitable for bathing after being boiled.  None of the water being supplied was safe for drinking and many parts of this community were often left to retrieve water from Muslims who had established clean water sources.  Throughout the entire process we were on our knees due to our lack of technical expertise and the ever changing business climate in Africa. It is with great joy and relief that we can report the drilling of the well as a rousing success.  We went 50 meters deep and started hitting water within the first 15!  To make it even better, the drilling hit a rock spring which produces the cleanest water available.  Now our Christian brothers in Zimbabwe are no longer dependent on anyone for water of any kind and water will be given away to the community as a witness of Christ’s bountiful nature!

We are so grateful to New Life Church in Kenefick, TX, pastors Toby and Susie Ratcliff, and our own IRC team member, Lee Pearson for financially sponsoring the drilling of this first well!  Most of all we are thankful to Jesus for allowing us to participate in His ever expanding Kingdom in Zimbabwe.  We can’t wait to see the results of this project and where He will open the door for more practical demonstrations of His Love!


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