World Cup 2010


Holland – V – Slovakia

We had a great time watching all the goings on of the World Cup. Rodney even got to go to a game in Durban’s new Moses Mabhida Stadium. It was a great time for Africa to shine. A lot of the local businesses had their staff wearing South Africa soccer shirts. I think there must be more South Africa pride in our area than before because the people are still wearing their soccer shirts and the games have been over for several weeks. We and many others spent countless evenings with friends huddled around a television screaming like the players and referees would really hear us and eating untill we just wanted to fall asleep. It reminded me of the many Texas Longhorn games we watched back home. It was all fun while it lasted now we will have to watch and see what comes next. Maybe the world got to see a different side of Africa. We do not all live National Geogaphic style. The economy here needed the boost that came with the tourism but in the end we all know that God is the only one that can turn a life or a country around.

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