Anelisa’s Smile

Trina's Notes

On one of our trips to Wellington we got to know a beautiful lady with a huge heart.  Karmien Joubert helps underprivileged children explore and express the world around them through art. She loves every child she encounters. Anelisa is one of the children she works with at the education center weekly.  Anelisa is an orphan living in one of several child homes in the area. While we were there Anelisa fell and broke off her two adult front teeth. The nurse at the clinic scheduled the teeth to be pulled as this is the least expensive alternative. Karmien could not stand the thought of loosing such a beautiful smile so she found ways to help Anelisa. A local dentist was contacted that could do the repairs, money was quickly raised to pay for the procedure and a beautiful smile has been restored. 

Matthew 25:40 says ” …….truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Much too often we see things happen and think shame but that is just the way things go. If you could change one life, make one person smile, would you? The opportunities are all around us daily. Reach out and make a change.

Anelisa (10) by “norsa foster homes”

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